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Okay, so I have trouble talking and starting conversations with girls. I am a gym rat, but very quiet and shy one that keeps to himself. I never had the courage to go up and talk to girls randomly. Anyway, there is this one girl at my gym, I see her there almost every day, she's a regular and a very cute girl. I am attracted to her and will glance at her often, not sure if she knows I exist. One day though I was doing side planks for a workout and she came over before she left and sat next to me on the mat to stretch (no other places left) So while I was doing a side plank I was facing her, ended up looking right in eachothers eyes for only one second, it was awkward for me for some reason and we both loooked away. I hate to come off as that creepy guy who just looks at girls and does nothing. :(


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  • Next time just say Hi to her, then ask her something like "don't you go to my school?"
    Often, if a guy talks to girls in situations like that, it's not weird, because there's actually nothing else to do. It's really normal. It seems so much more weird and awkward not saying hi to each other, because you actually have seen each other before. And I'm sure, that she has seen you before. I often never meet new faces at my school. So just take a deep breath and say hi next time, or if you catch eyecontact at your school, just smile. It's a great beginning, and it'll 100% make her more comfortable and you'll appear more open.

    • Well, this is my gym. Pretty sure she doesn't go to school, maybe some college, who knows. But this is a been going on for awhile, I always noticed her at my gym but this was the first time we made direct eye contact with emotionless faces, it was a bit awkward.

    • Oh I totally misunderstood, thought the was on your school, sorry.

      But next time you make eyecontact, just smile at her. Sure she has noticed you, since you often workout at the same time.

    • I don't often make direct eye contact with her that close, that was what made it awkward and we both looked away quick, she is so cute though!

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  • Next time you see her just say Hi :) and give her a nice smile
    And start with small talk like how are you, and depending on the time of day how has your day been ect..
    Get to know her and see where is goes.. She may even like you back :)
    Good Luck

  • Here's what I do when I like a guy;
    1. Friend him on Facebook
    2. Actively look for an excuse to message him (ie "hey, do you remember what the homework assignment was?")
    3. I ask about his day.
    4. We get to talking ;)

    Or you could always play secret admirer :P

  • Next time your eyes meet, smile. It makes us feel better. So much better than a blank stare. :)
    Did I help?

    • For some reason I think a smile would make it awkward, and I smile a lot!

    • A little smile, not with teeth you know, something to make a special contact between you :)

    • Lol, may sound funny but I hate my smile without my teeth.

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  • You have the same personality as me, i used to feel shy around girls but just get to know them, hang out with them and you will be confident around any girl. I would say i've experience some situations like you did and i did feel awkward as well, i recommend you to get to know her, do something for her, hang out with her and she will be your, good luck :)