Why do couples when sitting on a bench or something, like to quietly talk trash about as they walk by?

Like at my school where I go to, there's this Caucasian couple that was sitting down on the grass by a tree having some "romantic" time or whatever and I noticed as a few people here and there walked by they snickered etc. Then I walked by and then they snickered. As I past them a little about 50 yards I looked back at them and they made direct eye contact with me and started laughing.

I always got made fun of in middle school for no reason and in high school and that just struck a cord in me. I was just fuming. I just got tired of people thinking I was a joke. So I waited by a bench far away until they couple got up. They did about 10 minutes later and started walking towards the parking lot off campus. I followed them from a distance, and as we got further away from the campus with not as much people around and approach them, to make it short I didn't approach them to play of have a rational discussion, I just decked that nigga in his jaw an started beating his ass. Then I decked his gf in her face and knocked her out. Fled the scene. Look, I know people think im a bad person for doing that, but when im angry, my only medium of communication is through violence, thats it. I don't waste my time trying to talk it out, or exchange insults back and forth, i just skip straight to violence. And if people gonna talks trash under they breath when you walk pass, your gonna get your shit fucked up. Fuck them. Don't care if you think bad about me.

Question: "Why do couples when sitting on a bench or something like to quietly talk trash about people as they walk by?"


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  • WTF is wrong with you? What's you plan knock out everyone that laughs around you? You need help and I hope the cops catch you.

    • Nope. But if it is directed towards me and I can actually verify I would be upset to be honest.

  • You stalked and attacked a couple for absolutely no reason. You need professional help.

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