Am I doing something wrong?

I have been struggling with confidence and approaching girls, and am slowly getting better at it. Yesterday I approached a girl who was smiling at me on the bus and asked her what she was taking at my university. She was very receptive, was smiling, showing positive body language, etc... then she asked me what bus I was taking. After that, she just completely ignored me and started talking on the phone. When she was heading to her bus, she didn't even look at me until I said "Nice meeting you".

Two nights ago I was talking to another really cute girl who seemed very interested... she smiled at me, came and talked to me on the stairs, and was smiling/laughing with me and talking about the course. All was fine, and when we left she even waved to me before she got into her car to go home. I added her to Facebook, she accepted, but then today I said "Hey, how are you?" and she said "Good"... after that she avoided pretty much all eye contact...

I don't understand. Girls look at me (sometimes even approach me), but then the interest just tapers off. What's going on?


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  • Maybe they're getting the feeling that you're interested in more than just a friendship and don't want to "lead you on".

    • That's probably possible. If that's the case then so far I have been rejected by three girls. Not looking very good for me, but oh well.

    • Yup. Keep in mind that they could already be taken or gay.

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  • Maybe it's the way you say things.

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