How Do you Know if a guy really likes you or just want to have sex with you? Its obvious my crush doesn't want to just have sex with me?

We have came super close to having sex twice, but it didn't happen we just made out kiss and touch.

What do you guys think?

He is a Taurus and I'm a Taurus as well..


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  • The best way to find out is to deny sex until you're in a committed relationship. if he only wants sex, he won't wait long. If he actually likes you, then he'll wait.

    • I have known him for two years now. and this year during summer is when all the kissing and flirting started... last year we were both shy...

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    • Wow, that's sweet! Reminds me of my younger days, which are long gone.

      Anyway, you seem like a cute couple! Good luck! :)

    • Thanks for choosing mine as most helpful opinion! :)

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  • I don't believe in astrology so I'll leave that outta this.

    Overall, you can usually tell they "just want sex" because they'll keep talking about sex all the time, keep trying to invite you to their place, and constantly try to be physical with you.


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  • If a guy wants you to be their girlfriend, they will make you their girlfriend...
    Simple as that.

    • Yes definitely. we are both shy so progress is coming but slowly.. we just becoming comfortable etc... he even said to date me would be a bonus

      i'm new to this whole dating thing.. i hate being shy i was last year.. but this yr i'm more spunky so we are progressing

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    • thanks so much girl!
      how can i Let him know that I'm only seeing him and interested in him. currently we aren't in the same country at the moment. I will be visiting his city next week. Can i tell him by text msg?

    • I would definitely tell him in person. & I would probably wait towards the end of my visit... not the last day but a day or two before depending on how long you are visiting for. That way you can enjoy each other with out any pressure on his end and when you tell him it he will already have good vibes settling in by the amazing time you've shared!

  • None of what you posted is helpful in determining that. If he's always trying to get physical with you, I'd say yes. If not, maybe not but it's still possible, it depends on a few other things too.

  • Horoscopes don't really mean anything. Wait at least three months to have sex with him.

  • Usually two people of similar signs are better at friendship, than romance, but that has nothing to do w/ ur question. To ans ur ques, if he respects u and ur desires then he likes u.

    • yeah thats what I've read about friendship..
      but the chemistry we have is insane :\ so i can't go based of what i read lol

    • Then that's a start and worth going forward with. If he feels the same about u as u do about him ur golden!

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