Sleeping with your boyfriend/girlfriend at night!?

I just started getting used to sleeping with my boyfriend. We've been going out for almost 2 months. When you are with your significant other so to speak How is it for you when you sleep with clothing on or off and what is it like explain please!


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  • I've done both, sleeping without clothes does feel incredibly better especially when you feel her smooth soft skin at night, with clothes it's just normal and comfy.

    • I mean it's good i like it but part of me want's more but it's only been 2 months with each other and i don't want to go back into my past! with sex and going really fast into the relationship. But the weird thing is i feel safe when i am sleeping with him naked only thing I have on is my underwear. so why does this feel good when i've never slept with someone naked?

    • Hmm I can't really explain it since I'm not a girl but my girlfriend has the exact same feeling that you have with me. She just feels really secure and safe with me when she is naked. She described it as "being connected" in a very very close way. I can't say much more than that but yeah. Sorry :P

    • no need to appoligize i think that's how every girl feels when they are with there boyfriend at night!

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  • e can have a date


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