What advice would you have wanted to have before your first date?

Fairly self-explanatory. What advice would you have wanted to have before your first date?


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  • 1. The other person is even more nervous than you so there's nothing to worry about.
    2. You don't want this person to like someone you're not. So don't tell fake stories just to appear "cooler" than the other person. This is no competition.
    3. Make sure you don't have anything else to do after the date so you won't keep checking your watch like a maniac.
    4. It's okay if there are silences, just don't make it awkward by saying "awkward silence" and laughing after.
    5. There is nothing to lose. Sure, this may be your first and last date but if it is, then it's for the better.
    6. First dates are SO much fun! You learn so much about a person in one single night!


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  • You don't have to prove anything and you are ALREADY having this date, so just be yourself and have fun.

  • Be calm and remember: Worst case scenario... You fake a headache and leave! :-)

  • Don't be nervous. Have fun and keep a small bag of Hershey kisses near by, so if you want to kiss your significant other and you ask but they turn you down there's a back-up.


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