Does he want us to date again or does he just want to have sex?

This guy I used to date for 8 months, contacts me out of the blue after 5 years, he asked me about my life, my love life,(telling me that he and his ex are over and that he WANTS a relationship), askes me everytime we talk ( via video chat) how my day was?, compliments me, calling me sweety/darling, stares at me (strong eye contac), blowing me kisses, sending me kisses, telling me what really turn him on and wish to see me in it. The problem is, I jused to have strong feelings for him before, and Im afraid that those feelings I thought where gone are coming back, how do I know if he is interested of just playing games to get me in bed?, in the begining I thought there was something, but every since he told me what turnes him on and that he wants to see me in it, that kind of made me go cold, Help someone.


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  • We girls are blessed in having our woman's intuition, and am sure yours is kicking in right now.

    Am using mine (from a distance) in reading through your question, and it is telling me just one thing.

    Steer well clear... He is only after one thing.

    Please, please please... Take care and stay safe.

    • Thanks for your answer, I also forgot to mention, that after he diapered on me, he contacted me 3 months later, apologizing, telling me the reason why he did what he did (personal reason). I really don't know what to think, it seems as he is contacting me when i dont care and when I do contact him he pulls away- hot and cold game..

    • But you say it has been almost 5 YEARS since you've heard from him... FIVE YEARS.

      Alarms bells are ringing extremely loudly with me here, and I must reiterate that I do think he is after only one thing.

      I would also simply hate the thought of you having your heart broken again.

      Am so sorry if this is not the answer you were hoping to see/read, and will appreciate that this is totally my honest opinion.

    • yes because I blocked him from my contact.. it's hard to tell, I mean some say why contact me after 5 years if it's just for the sex, he can get it elsewhere.. thank you for you're concern :)

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