Am I in love with him?

I'm 13 and I've been crushing on this guy for a couple of years, I love his smile the way he laughs and I love it when he talks to me he makes me feels all warm and I blush, we stare at each other sometimes and playfully tease each other such as we're flirting most of the time I really love how he always say things to make me laugh and smile and he makes me feel safe and happy, and we always have something to talk about, we have like the same things, and right now I'm glad that we're at least friends, I'm waiting for more things to happen soon and I hope I'll be with him. I just hope he'll feel the same way I feel now, but he told me last summer he liked me, I hope its the way I feel for him and I hope he still likes me back. (sorry if its too fluffy) Am I in love?

Oh plus sometimes I would cry over him.
He's my first crush


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  • What you really want to ask yourself is this. Would you die for him? Do you know every little thing and little quirk about him? Could you materially see the rest of life with him. I asked myself these questions and was able to say yes to all these questions and even more. I loved her with all my heart and when I lost her, I cried. Yes, guys cry sometimes. This went on downhill for 3 weeks afterwards. So watch out when you fall in love, because the loss of it will make you want to kill yourself.

    • Honestly yes, I'll do anything, IF we were dating I want to make him happy. I've kept this guy for 3-4 years in my heart I still feel this way now about him, oh and he's my first <3

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    • Trust me you will break hearts, you may already have and don't even know it. :) You sound a lot like how I was when I was 13. I was in love with this guy for years and years and nothing ever came of it. But sometimes that's how it needs to be. Sometimes you just need to have that fun fantasy to look back on. People grow and change so much its an absolute given you will not end up with this guy. But that's ok. You have qualities right now that so many people lose when they grow up. You have such a romantic view on love and you will lose it if you believe he's the one and only. You will have so many more great loves and that should excite you. Concentrate on being as young as you can for as long as you can. Worry about boys when your older!! Words I would have told my 13 year old self :)

    • Thank you.

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  • It's likely to be infatuation. After all, you spend most of your time thinking about him, trying to win his heart, having doubts about whether you're seeing signs or just being too dreamy.

    But not to worry, every relationship likely starts off as an infatuation. Just try not to get too obsessed, keep a level head, and be confident.

    • Heh okay.

    • So basically its just a crush, well thank you.

    • Anyways I really do admire him, he's so kind and when I'm down he helps me up he's always there for me, glad he's my friend.

  • I'm being honest with you when I was 13 i thought i was in love. But eventually i got tired of her. I'm not saying you will but things change with time. But if y'all can last a few years maybe y'all are time will tell.

    • Heh we're not together but I've liked him for 3-4 years.

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    • Oh by the way he's my first <3

    • Honestly it might only be a huge crush I feel like this age is young for love.

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  • It might be love and might not be. Either way don't put too much of your energy into it especially since your only 13. You will have many loves after this and this is only the beginning. :)
    The people on here can't tell you what your feeling. But I read a quote " If you want to know where your heart is, Look to where your mind wonders."
    If he's your first thought when you wake up, and the last thought before bed it probably is love. A young love, but still love. :)

    • Heh thanks I've been having nice dreams about him and he pops in my head in the morning, we always talk since we have the same classes.

  • I think is more you fantasize him, I mean I used to be the same way with my 1st crush. I didn't even knew him well but I "Love" him for his looks. I didn't even knew his flaws nor his imperfection, I only saw the good in him. But true love is when you know your crush personality and flaws and you still work it through and still love and care for him.

    • Thanks

    • But Its not just his looks, I don't care about what grades he gets but its his personality I love, how he is kind and there for me, its really sweet.

  • If you have to ask. Then, no. No, you're not.

    • Well thanks for being helpful, and thanks for your detailing information.

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    • Nobody is ever too young to love. But not everyone knows what love is either, sometimes it’s just infatuation, and it wears off. But after a while you know the difference.
      Nobody is ever “too young” for something like love. Love is different for everyone, and it’s important to have. People think you “can’t have love” until you’re a certain age, and until you’re successful, or fulfilled. Or ultimately happy. They’re so wrong.

      You could have nothing in your pockets, and still find love. You can fail and fail and fail, and still have a love to keep you going, and you can even be so depressed that you can’t love yourself, but somebody else will (don’t listen to that “you won’t find love until you learn to love yourself” bullshit).

      Love works in different ways for everyone, and age, sex, quality of life, mental stability, and anything else you can think of means nothing.

    • Guess you got nothing to say to me now.

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