Guy ended date early? bad sign?

we were out for coffee like an hour and a half. his phone kept going off. but he ignored them. he finally checked his phone and said he was going to help out a friend he said we would be in touch soon. I thanked him ans said see you soon.

but i haven't heard from him.. was that a blow off like he was bored and ditched? i know him from a few years back.


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  • What an asshole. I would definitely ditch him. The fact he even had his phone on during a date is a big indicator where his priority's are.

    • the next day he texted me in the morning saying it was nice to see me and he hoped i had a good sleep and morning.

      Is that a good sign? or is that just a nice thing to say

    • That's even more of an asshole move. He didn't even bother to call or apologize, just a text? Definitely a loser. Find someone better.

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  • I'd ignore it completely. He could have genuinely had a problem or he was freaking out. Who cares? It was just a date and he'd be a bad friend if he wasn't honest.