How to get over a old crush?

So last year I had a crush on this guy that I don't talk to anymore because he was a jerk. Anyway I had been moved on by now and never had a single thought or fantasy about him ( well I thought I had moved on). Anyway I was walking in the hallway to my next class and noticed that this girl was trying to talk and get to know him. I didn't care at first but as I walked away from them I got this sharp pain in my chest and tried to think of the girl as one of his many female friends and not a future girlfriend. Some days later I see him go into the front office and the same girl finds him and hangs out with him. I had a similar feeling this time but felt more anger than jealousy. The only reason that I think I feel this way is because He was nice, respectable and I trusted him a lot before he changed. I finally realized that I want the old him back but that will never happen. So I need to move on as soon as possible


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