Why didn't she say anything?

This cute girl with a fat bottom at work is fairly new. I will pass by her and we'll make eye contact and she look away or down quickly. The other day we ran into each other in the break room and started talking. She seemed goofy and kindnif nervous. So I saw her last week in the hall she made eye contact then looked away. I said hi and she said hi back. Today in the hall we made eye contact and I smiled. She looked down and at the ground and didn't say anything as we passed which was weird. I was like oookaayyy. lol why didn't she say hi like a normal person?

Also what's up with her friend? Her friend is kind of the same way. I'll see her in the hall and she will
Look straight down the hall. Like she's going out of her way to not look at me. I've even said hi and she won't back sometimes sometimes she will and kind of smile. The other day her hands were full and she asked me to help her open the door, but sometimes will ignore me. What's with these girls?


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  • Some girls are nervous and socially awkward around the opposite sex, or sometimes they act like that because they have specific feelings

    • Lol well so what does this mean for me here? lol. She could do this with out liking?

    • Yeah she could do this without having a "crush"(or whatever you choose to call it). Some people are just awkward around other people. But then again it is possible she acts like that because of you. She could have a "crush" on you. Look into it more. Compare how she interacts with other people and how she acts with you. You could get yourself a new girl with the right moves and research ;)

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