My Girlfriend Broke up with me via Text. what should I Reply? Need Advice?

She sent a text message to me. We haven't talked none today'. It's arounrd 10pm. The text said ----> Okay.. umm I'm sorry but before you I had just got out of a relationship and I'm not exactly ready to be in another one. You are a great guy and everything I just don't think I'm right. I'm sorry.

Friends? Then 5mins later she said ---> James? What should I reply with if at all? by the way --> I preety sure she wasn't in a bad relashionship at that time


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  • My true advice. Say something nice to close it off at least for a little while. If your ok with the relationship ending just move on. Maybe you could be friends in time but just leave it a few weeks.
    However if you want her back...
    Say something like, ''I appreciate your honesty, no hard feelings'' That's it.
    Then DONT contact her at all after that. Give her space. It will leave her wondering for sure.
    If she messgaes you then it's up to you if you reply back but don't reply strait away.

    i had a similar thing with my bf, but I didn't want to break up, we had been together a year and a half. Things went odd. I broke it up with him as he said he didn't know how he felt.
    So I sent a polite no hard feelings message then didn't contact him for a few weeks. Finally I messaged him and it went on from there and he asked me back. I didn't go to his beck and call, he had to work a little for it.
    Sort of like the 'no contact rule' although much less like playing a game. I was giving him space to think, while getting on with my own shit.

    I wish you luck what ever you decide to do.


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  • IF you want the advice of someone who has been there more than a few times and learned the hard way do this:

    Text back, short and sweet. "OK, I understand" nothing more - DO NOT CONTACT HER AGAIN.
    Even if she doe not want to get back together - within a week or two she will contact you wondering why you are not crying to get her back. Play it cool and remember this - if someone drops you like this, she is probably not worth the time anyway.

    • Do I have to reply at all?

    • IT would be more mature to reply and show her that you are man enough to accept her desires in this matter. IT will probably drive her a little nuts because she probably expects you to beg and cry. Even if you feel bad - put up a good front and act mature. You will find women will be perplexed by this AND strangely attracted to you for it. If I could be 20 again, and know what I do now, I would have women dropping at my feet because I would not show any one of them that I need her - I would date women and not get serious about any one because I would know that I would not find anyone who I would want to be with all the time until I found my own way. I would always be respectful and considerate, and never use a girl just to please myself. IF you adopt this mindset, women will chase you. It has nothing to do with looks or popularity. They are drawn to mature men, which is why s o many of them look for slightly older men to date one they get beyond HS..

  • Wait several days for a clearer head to reply, if indeed any reply is required at all. Things can change.

  • Just give her her space. Be like ok I understand.