I'm falling for a man on his 30s... and I'm barely on my 20s?

Will this even work?
He's perfect for me and looks good for his age. He has a small little girl. Single for a long time.
I'm afraid I'll be too imature for him.
Maybe, also, that he won't take me seriously and just wants to have fun.
He tells me sweet things, but that doesn't cut it. Anyone can lie.
But if he means every thing he says, will his family accept me? What about his friends? Society? Most importantly, his little girl.
Am I being unrealistic? Could a man on his 30s be interested in a 20yr old for genuine reasons? Could it work?


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  • Yes, it can work. It worked for me. Will it always work? No, of course not. But neither will all relationships with two people of the same age. It has much more to do with comparative maturity levels, comparative energy levels, and comparative interests than it does for chronological age. Chronological age is one of the least useful ways to determine compatibility. If you have a long courtship most of the problems will go away. His friends and family may have their eyebrows raised a little at first, but after a couple of years they won't even think about it, it'll just be like you've always been there. If things seem fast-tracked, then they will have more concerns.


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  • It could work.
    I have dated a few girls 10-12 years younger, and it went quite well.
    The little girl might take to you better, as you are closer to her age.
    Try it.

  • As a man in his 30s who has friends who date and some have married women in their early 20's. The initial reason they pursued was for some young tail. Most weren't looking for anything serious, but some ended up being serious.

  • Yeah unless we are writing a movie script then there is a 67% chance it's just for sexual purposes.

    • Thank you for your honesty (:

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