What should I do about a girl I like?

Hello everyone. Question? I met a girl on tinder. we hung out acouple times. we fell for each other. she kept on telling me one day she was ready for a relationship then the next day she wasn't sure. All I heard from her was how amazing I am and no guy is nicer than I am. She told me she didn't want to let me go but she finally gave up on me and told me I dont deserve her and she feels bad she dragged me along. She told me when she gets her life together she will come back to me. She told me while we were talking that she deleted tinder but I just saw her on it today. She kept me as a friend on facebook. Should I delete her for good? Never talk to her again?


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  • Wow sorry it sounds like she's really confused herself, If I were you I wouldn't mess with a girl like this she seems completely unavailable. Give her space and live your life don't be too pushy. Also don't ever take a comment like that seriously "when she's ready for a bf she will come back to you" tell her to beat it you're not gonna be there

    • Thank you so much for your response! You are right. I need to live my life and move on!

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  • Yeah, no she was just using you! Most likely manipulating you to like get the benefits out of it and leaving you with scraps

  • I went through the same thing only with a guy. He was playing me the whole time. Dump her and move on bro


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