Is 3 weeks too early to start a relationship with a woman?

There's this classmate of mine in a college class that I know that I'm honestly falling for. I just think she is simply beautiful inside and outside. We've talked and got to know each other for a bit. We only see each other 3 times per week for classes but we talk after class. I wanted to give her a compliment that I think she's beautiful but I don't want to weird her out. The only two compliment that I've given her are "She's a really cool person to be around" and "She's such a great listener". BTW, I already have her cell phone number and we've texted a couple of times already.


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  • It's definitely not too early to start dating and getting to know each other better. If she seems mutually interested in you, then you should definitely ask her out on a date -- or ask her to "hang out," as most guys my age like to passively use. (But to be fair, the term "hang out," is a lot more casual than "date," which she may be more comfortable with.)

    And if she does want to, then great! Give her another compliment on your date / hang out; tell her she looks great or her eyes look pretty (or whatever else comes to mind). Don't overdo it with the compliments in the beginning, though. Good luck with everything!

  • Don't rush it, Give it more time. You may be falling hard for her but make sure she doesn't see you as just a friend before hinting at more


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