I need better game im 21 year old virgin?

I am a normal person have had a couple of dates good and bad i jut need to step up my game when i put on the moves I've olny got a small kiss every time im am a little shy and have mently stop my self from trying to even start relationships i know i deserved to be loved but what should i do also do relashion ships need to be so complucated


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  • Step up your game and find someone to connect with or find someone that you may have things in common with. Get up and go out, go to a bar or go to a club and meet some new people. Socialize with other people, and talk to other people. You can try online dating if you want, I wouldn't but the choice is yours. Its always nice to get to know someone first before you decide you want to tie the knot. Or maybe go out on dates more, I apologize if I can't give you the best advice as I am only 17. And something else there's nothing wrong with being a virgin at 21 years old. I'm putting mine on hold and waiting till college or marriage. Change your looks maybe if you want you don't have too. They're is someone out there for everyone you just have to go out there and find them. Change your shyness and try to open your mouth and talk to people more. I used to be shy when I was younger, I used to be bullied and reserved as well but since I've started high school my junior year a lot of that has changed. I used to be insecure about my body too but not anymore. Go up and approach a young woman and ask her how she is, etc. Don't ever be afraid to make the first move, and maybe you might get rejected but that's just life its okay. Get back up and try again. And yes you do deserve love and a well bound relationship of course. But the world isn't just going to hand you a girlfriend you have to go out and meet people and interact with people.


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  • If you want a long lasting relationship the way you are is perfect. just be yourself and you will find someone who likes you in return. I know heaps of girls who like your particular type (that was generally described), myself being one of them.

  • You need to find someone you feel a real connection with.
    You could try meeting new people out; bars, clubs, church, work, volunteer work, events, school, etc.
    You could try online dating, as this helps people to get to know each other a bit before actually meeting, meaning you already know a little bit about them and already know you at least KIND OF like each other by the time you get to that first meeting.

    Once you've met someone, you need to own your feelings for them. Don't be overly dramatic about it, but don't be afraid to say that you like them, enjoy them, find them beautiful, want to be around them.


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