How does a westernised East Indian guy date an Asian girl?

Now at university, Most of my friends are East Asians both male and female, and I find the girls absolutely stunning and I get along really well most of them.

But what I feel is the struggle that they virtually only date Asian and White guys, and would never consider and Indian guy at all.

A Bit About Myself:
I'm North Indian, so I'm somewhat fair and being born raised in a big Australian city with westernised Indian parents. I have almost no obvious Indian culture and being raised in a multicultural city and travelled all over the globe, I'm really a product of different cultures. I've been told I'm fairly good looking, I'm 5'11, somewhat athletic and fashionable and studying Medicine.

For girls to date, they've all (2) been Indian, and they approached me. I just feel like I have no chance with an Asian girl, and I feel that people would be judging me.

Is their anyway, to get them to notice me?
Or what tips you would suggest will help me get a date?

NB: Yes I know how embarrassing this sounds on the surface.

East Asian: Does mostly refer to the westernised ones, as I feel the differences are just skin deep. Although I don't really care whether they are.


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  • Wife and girlfriends is also a destiny destined from your past lifes. Just be yourself and happy with the present, when time comes eventually you will see her no matter what race. I don't think you should get stuck up on only Asians, but if you really want one so bad the best would get to know someone from Asia. There are plenty of Asian women looking for a way out of their country.