Is it true that girls and guys like to hear their partner say their name?

Recently read this article that says that people love to hear their own name being mentioned. And if you say it a lot of times over a long period of time, they'll get used to it and be conditioned to you.

I wonder if that's true, and if it's effective for dating? :) And do you think it even works when you're texting and you use his or her name?


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  • In text messages or any messages although it does depend on who is writing my name I sometimes don't like it and the same with saying it either.. I do like however if they call me by my nic name and same if it goes by someone I like... I do the same with friends I call them by a nic name I have given them Or I say and write love...

    • What if they gave you a nickname on their own? Would you rather you be called your own nickname or given one?

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    • I see... thanks for your answer! Maybe I should give one to the girl I'm dating then... hmm.

    • All good :)
      I am sure you can think of something sweet & she'd like
      My ex would call me his bat as I like bats but he would call me baby and stuff

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  • no. i don't want to hear my name.

    • What do you prefer to be called then? Or you'd just let him choose?

  • I think so! I love to hear my SO say my name in his sexy little accent :)

    • lol! At what point in the relationship did he start doing that?

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    • I see! That probably ruins my theory that names/pet names increases affection haha. Seems to be the other way round.

    • Pet names definitely show affection, and often closeness since they can be based off inside jokes. But there's something warm and fuzzy when my SO says my first name. It sounds so sexy to me.

  • Well, I just recently started dating, and he's my first boyfriend, but anytime i see him and he says my name.. it makes me happy and if you really really like the person.. it will do something to you. Even in texts or emails, he does it to me and it still gets to me, because sometimes when you read what they write, you can picture them saying it.. I hope that answers your question.

    • Yups it does, thanks! :D

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  • I HATE being addressed by my name.
    Brings back the horror back when I was in disciplinary boot camp.

    Rather they invent a cool nickname and call me that.

    • Boot camp? Oh yea that definitely wouldn't have the effect intended.

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