Would it be weird to ask a girl I went on a few dates with several months ago to hang out with a group of friends of mine?

I date a lot, but most of the time it ends up being only 2 or 3 dates before the girl loses interest or I lose interest.

Would it be weird to get back in touch with a girl who lost interest in dating me several months ago to ask if she wants to get together with a group of friends to do something (not a date)? That's not anything I've really tried before, but I know a lot of girls I've dated who could potentially be good friends, and I'm wondering if something like that would sound fun to a girl.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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  • Aw that is such a nice thought, you should def do it, but make sure you are clear with her and she is aware you have no ulterior motives, if you explain it to her like you have in your question, i think she will def say yes, i have dated a guy and we didn't get on as bf or gf but i would have liked to keep him as a friend, if he had of asked me to hang out with him and his mates i would have jumped at the chance, as long as you both still have not got romantic feelings for each other i dont see the problem in asking, if she says no to you, that would tell me she still has feelings for you, just ask her, no harm in it at all its such a thoughtful gesture you have, , good luck,


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  • its best to talk casualy first, rather than straight up asking if she wants to hangout. makes her feel safer with your company