Help!! I'm not sure exactly how I feel about this guy?

I am currently dating this guy and we have been together for about a week. He is really sweet and treats me like a princess but it doesn't feel like we are dating to me. He has deeper feelings for me than I do for him. I want to give us a chance; give us some time as a couple. But if I don't exactly see him romantically in the future; how do I know when I've given our relationship enough time? I don't want to lead him on or hurt him by staying with him longer than I should but I also don't want to get shit for breaking up with him. As nice as he is if I don't feel the same way; it's better off giving him a chance to meet someone who can, right?


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  • " it's better off giving him a chance to meet someone who can, right? " Yes it is, because he shouldn't be wasting his time on you.. Just be aware you're doing a very typical thing that women do. Finding a perfectly nice man, and absolutely no reason to doubt anything, but you don't want him. Just watch out for the next guy that comes along, he'll probably be a douchebag and then you'll regret dumping this guy.

    • Pfff, give me a break. What's she supposed to do? Force herself into a relationship she's not happy Just because he's nice?

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    • Because a WEEK isn't nearly enough time to find out or not. And obviously she has some physical attraction to the guy or she wouldn't be with him at all.

    • Probably, but it's just not enough and there's nothing wrong with that. I
      Still doesn't justify you shaming her. If you think the guy deserves more time, tell the asker so.

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  • I'm a relationship you have to make sure both of you are happy during it. So if you don't feel 100% about him. You won't feel 100% with him. Do what makes you feel happy and don't waste your time with someone you don't want to, and don't worry about making him feel bad you guys may just turn out to amazing friends. :-)

  • yes, it's the right thing. And you are not wrong or selfshish by doing so.

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