Guys, have you ever had feelings for a friend but HELPED her with her relationship problems?

I had a friend back in the day that did this. But we were so much younger. We have recently reconnected. I think back and see this as such a wonderful quality in a true friend but wonder if the timing for something more may be now.

Have you ever been like this with a girl? I just wonder about it all, I guess I just haven't met a guy like him.

Part of me wonders if maybe he never had as strong feelings as I thought, considering he helped me so much lol.


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  • Yes I have before has he gave you signs that you think he may like you more than a friend?

    • Now that we have reconnected- well he is just as great and friendly as ever but I know it's too soon to tell for sure.

    • has he ask you to hang out a lot and how long has it been since you reconnected with him?

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