Interpreting depressive symptoms and can I expect this relationship to go anywhere?

My girlfriend was diagnosed with depression a little over a month ago. We've been dating for 4. A month ago, she was going through a really low - well low and she became a very negative person often saying things like she doesn't know if she wants this relationship anymore. At the same time she would say she really cares for me and loves me deeply and that she doesn't want to be with anyone else. It was a battle trying to understand her mixed emotions and keep her focused on all the amazing fun things we did together and how well we got along prior to her depression setting in. She questioned our relationship during this time and so did I, but I knew I loved her and wanted nothing than to be with her so I fought to keep her. We eventually hit bottom and I broke up with her after being provoked. I didn't want to. It just seemed in the heat of the moment and that at that very moment, we weren't happy. I was convinced she didn't want to be with me. Largely, I was very hurt by that. A couple days later, I realized I wanted her back. I broke her trust but I proved that I still genuinely cared and basically made myself completely vulnerable but she took me back. She still cares for me and loves me at this point but was hurt I broke up with her. Fast forward to now, we are back at work and at school since the summer is over and we're both very happy together and even talk about plans together a year from now, but I still wonder is this something that could happen again? Does she truly want to be with me? She says she does. I'm afraid I'm the one who cares more and that one day, someone will come along and sweep her out from under me. I'm afraid that her negative feelings may come back? She said she wanted to break up with me during her low but she didn't and that's because she knows I'm different than anyone she's dated but she doesn't know why she wanted to break up and felt that way. She claimed she wasn't in the right state of mind. Should I be worried?


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  • Indeed the lightspot falls on your head Mr. If i were you I would try to help her get out of that bitch-assed thing called depression and I would stay supportive of my girlfriend...( if i ever had one ). Now thing is that since depression is such an ass towards relationships you must stay supportive to her if it happens again!

    Wishes of good luck!

    • Thank you. I appreciate this. That is what I want to do. How am I to know that if it happens again, that she truly does want to be with me though? What if she questions our relationship again? Am I to just ignore all the negative things she might say? How will I know if she doesn't know herself?

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