Girls with boyfriend likes me, should I wait or make a move?

I met this girl about a year ago in one of my classes and we were both into each other. But then one day when we were alone in my car she told me she had a boyfriend but they just started going out. After that she still kept flirting with me all semester and we hung out a lot but I didn't try anything and didn't really see her all summer.

Then this semester she happened to be in one of my classes and on the first day of school she walked up to me and hugged me and seemed really happy to see me. So we have been studying together a lot and staying up late at my place and we both really want each other. But she's still with her boyfriend.

So the other day we were up until like 4 am studying for a test and when we met up she told me she was about to break up with her boyfriend and then she argued with him through text for most of the night. She kept referring to him as her ex boyfriend and kept looking at me a lot. I told her this is why I don't really do relationships and a little after that she called him and they made up.

I know she likes me and I am a better looking than her boyfriend but I haven't really made any moves on her because she's still with that guy. Do you think she wants me to show interest or make a move on her? I know she would probably leave her boyfriend for me but I'm really just bad at relationships even though I like her a lot.

Should I just wait and see what happens or start showing more interest on her so she knows if she leaves her boyfriend she can be with me?


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  • If you wait she will get with her bf and love him more if you like her go for it before her and her bf get serious otherwise I doubt she would leave her bf

    • I think she likes me more than her boyfriend though.

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  • "I don't really do relationships"
    you told her that? Great move to push her away. pal.

    • Yeah I don't know why I said that... but its kind of true

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  • She'll do the same to you that she's doing to him. Do you really want that?