What do I do? Tell him now or later?

Alright, there's a bit of backstory to this question so bear with me.
I've had a crush on this guy for a while, and naturally I had been gushing about it to my friend.. Of course, said friend took that opportunity to tell the guy that I had a thing for him, and apparently he was pretty flustered. (I didn't have a problem with my friend doing this, but it's relevant to the story.)
Anyways, next thing I know he's Facebook messaging me. I replied, and we had a nice conversation going until he sent something completely out of the blue.

"Ahh. Hey; I heard you had something to tell me."

Well sh**. I panicked and showed the phone to my friend, who sent him

"Maybe ;)"

And then I lost it. He replied with an "Ok." And I quickly changed the conversation. He laughed and carried on the conversation as normal, but just a few minutes later he left. Super abruptly.
The thing is, I was planning on inviting him to my friends football game this Friday and flirt/tell him I like him there.. But he really seems like he wants me to say something now. What do I do?

Okay.. I am planning on telling him tomorrow when I can actually see him for an extended period of time.. But I'm really nervous. Today he was acting really cold and didn't even look at me or talk to me or anything. What's going on?
I saw his phone out and sent him a message, and he smiled at me and texted back at the end of class. Later I asked if he would go to the game and he replied that he could but he doesn't really like football games. So is he not interested or what?


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  • Now tell him now

    • How do you think I should go about it?

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    • You think you, a girl have problems with guys? Many guys don't even have the courage to look them in the face without looking like a total wreck.

      You've got it easy for you, babe. Trust me, there are people worse than you.

      Just do what you feel and think. Don't worry about it.

    • Haha well thank you so much for the advice

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  • Tell him if he seems open to it and you're ready to do it.

    P. S. you mean he "lol'd"? You probably couldn't hear him laughing through Facebook Messenger.

    • Well I figured that would just be taken as him writing "Lol!"

    • And judging by what you wrote you knew what I meant.

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