He has a girlfriend?

There's this guy I just met this year and he's in my math class and he started messaging me asking for homework help about a week ago, and ever since then we've just continuously messaged but he has a girlfriend and I knew that so I kept things on a friendly level, and so did he. He's a really really sweet nice awesome guy and his girlfriend is so lucky to have but I feel really bad because I feel like I'm falling for him which I do not want to do at all. They've been going out for a year and I refuse to be that home wrecker that messes up a beautiful relationship. I don't want to avoid him and I sort of can't. What should I do? There's this other guy, should I just focus on him more? I constantly remind myself that he has a girlfriend, I'm not sure if it's helping though.


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  • There's a great chance the guy is just being friendly because you're helping him out, so yeah it'd probably be best to focus on that other guy.


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