Why hasn't he called since he came back from vacation?

I have been dating this guy for a little over a month. We have become close and seemed to have at least a mutual understanding. We both just got out of bad relationships so we were taking it slow. He recently went on a work related vacation. We went out Friday night and had a good time. I called him Saturday to wish him a good trip and ask when he will be back. He cut me off and said he will call me back. I guess he left on a sunday. He was supposed to be gone a week. Its going on 2 weeks and I havnt herd from him I tried to call but no answer. Am I missing something or what


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  • It's odd that he hasn't sent even a quick little message, but some people do really feel the need to "disconnect" from tech on their vacation.

    Give it a couple days, try again if you'd like. I'd say wait and see if he contacts you first.

    • I had a friend call and he answered on the first ring but she hung up. I called the next day and it went straight to voicemail. Then I called again and it rang but no answer

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