Asking a guy out that I haven't met in person, but do know is single. Thought?

So there's this guy that I have talked to a few times online through Vent, we are part of the same Minecraft server. I know he doesn't have a girlfriend, and he's a nice guy ( I should mention he has a daily vlog). I find him attractive and he has stated that he isn't looking for a relationship, but is open to what/who might cross his path. My friends feel I should ask hm out on a Skype date. But we really don't know much about each other. Thoughts?


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  • Yes, absolutely, ask him!
    There's no reason not to.
    So he's not actively looking for a relationship... he specifically stated that he'd be open to something is something great presented itself.
    There doesn't even have to be any pressure, just two friends getting to know more about each other.
    You'll be able to tell fairly quickly during the Skype call if sparks fly.
    Then you guys can take it from there.
    If, during the call, you both decide to just be friends, no harm there either... you're just becoming closer friends.

    Yes, ask him!
    Good luck, come back and let us know how things go!


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  • Sure, why not?

    Online dating is very common now so if you're interested, go for it! Doesn't have to be anything serious anyways.

  • Go ahead and do so.


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  • why not? just ask
    but becareful since you never see him in person, go to a crowded place

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