Does this girl like me more than her boyfriend?

I met this girl in one of my uni classes this semester and we started studying together a lot. We definitely have chemistry but she recently told me she has a boyfriend... she didn't tell me this until very recently but has been with him the entire time we have known each other. After she told me that I kind of stopped giving her much attention but she keeps wanting to study and hangout with me and its usually just us 2. She kind of acts like she doesn't have a boyfriend or like its not that serious. We sit together and act like a couple in the class we have together.

The other day she came over my place to study for a test we had the next day and we stayed up all night and she almost broke up with her boyfriend right in front of me over an argument they were having. She kept calling him her ex and looking for a reaction from me. So I've met her boyfriend on a few occasions and I am a lot better looking than he is and she seems to like spending time with me.

Does it sound like this girl is trying to tell me that she would leave her boyfriend for me?


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  • what are you waiting for? she's not happy with him, bring the subject up and make it happen!

    • I don't know if I want to be her rebound or even if I want a relationship right now. I just know that I like this girl

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    • Good point, suit think I should just move in for a kiss or talk to her about it first?

    • talk to her about it first. Since she's technically still with this other dude if you go in for a kiss it could freak her out because you'd be jumping the gun.