Hook up or not? Overthinking this?

So I recently met a reallly awesome guy and we actually met online and started texting. We texted for like three days straight, staying up till 3 talking and stuff. We joked a lot and just talked. It was bizarre but there was a connnection just texting. We ended up meeting up, are similar. I was completely myself with him and he definitely enjoy spending time with me. He kissed me goodbye, saying we should hang out again. So we hung out four days later around 10 at night and we talked for a solid hour and we kissed and he was very sweet. I definitely think he really likes me seeing as he texts me everyday and whatnot and of course cause he kissed me. Later that night, we ended up in my car and made out and whatnot. We didn't go really very far but I for some reason am nervous that he just wants to hook up. But it doesn't really make sense based on what he says to me and whatnot. I want to avoid overthinking because i genuinely REALLY like him. Anyways, guys- any signs that would suggest that a guy wants to only hook up with a girl? Also he'll be away this weekend with friends, should I text him to just let him know im thinking about him? I want to avoid being overbearing and whatnot. Thanks!


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  • Great question, its healthy to question a love interest intentions. If you really like him try to go on more dates. Get to know this person, but most importantly listen to yourself. If your not sure if you trust him or not, postpone having sex with him. On the other hand if you want to have sex that's not something to be guilty about. Its just what you want. You'll know. Be safe, stay out of trouble and use the recourses out there. Don't give into pressure, you have a lot of rights.

    • I didn't really get to the heart of your question. Unfortunately a lot of men are manipulative liars. Some guys put on a sweet act but aren't truthful. Like I said get to know him better if it really concerns you.

      Secondly, don't be afraid to follow what you want. Text him, if he doesn't want a girl who cares about him then thats his damn fault.

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    • You're welcome! I think you'll be fine, make sure your boy interest isn't a misogynistic jerk though.

    • My girlfriend slapped some sense in to me... ;)

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