Am I desperate, what should I do?

Is it desperate for someone to consider or/and date someone that are less attractive, or date someone you dont really find attractive? When i was around 16-18 i only wanted to date attractive guys, and if the attractive guys didn't want me i would't date at all. But then i got older and realised that looks aren't everything and started to have standars regarding personality. Anyway, now im Considering going to give every guy a chance (as long i find them a bit attractive), because looks aren't everything. But when i think about it isn't that a bit desperat? I mean quite many of the guys i have been on dates with haven't been goodlooking. I think i am desperate or lower my standars because im so insecure and shy that i almost dont have a choice... so would you call me desperat and what can i do about it?


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  • It just means that you are not that attractive; you must come to the realization that you have over estimated your looks to want to date attractive guys. No, it is not desperation.

    • I dont over estimate my looks, i thought i was ugly to just now recently. So i can promise its not that. But im still insecure about my personality, so i dont think im fun or exciting enough to date goodlooking guys. If i date a guy i dont find attractiv i normally do it because i know they like me, and since im not attracted to them i won't get hurt or disapointed if it doesent go well. I get quite a lot of attention from good looking guys, but im just so shy that im afraid to show intrest back... so like i said, i dont over estimate my looks. .. based on that do you still think im desperate, since i know i can get more goodlooking guys?

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    • I agree with you a 100%... by the way any tips to how i can just overcome my desperation for a relationship?

    • You have to be okay with being alone; you have to be comfortable in being independent. If there is an opportunity to be with a guy you are genuinely attracted to, then go for it. Otherwise, why settle for less? You are not going to happy if you settle.

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  • Not necessarily desperate, looks aren't everything. A lot of the time if u are attracted to a guys personality he becomes visually attractive too

  • No. I wouldn't call it desperate. You just realized that looks aren't everything but then again you do have to be attracted to the guy.

    • I know. . But is it desperate that i kinda know i can get more attractive guys, but still date less attractive guys? The reason i do that is because that way i can't feel bad if it doesent go well, because i didn't want them in the first place

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