How do I get over my trust issues?

I know that I have trust issues and I'm trying to fix them. I'm dating a guy that is popular. He always have people blowing up his phone from all social networking.
When I was giving him a back massage, I saw that a girl sent him a picture of her. I didn't say anything because I didn't wanna seem nosey.
We have been together for a month I don't even know not one of his social networking and he didn't even ask for any of mine. I've been cheated on before and that's what ruined my trust in a real relationship.

Any advice?


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  • Sounds like this guy has a lot to hide. Maybe try talking to him or joking around about "whatve you got there on your phone" and if he gets defensive and pulls the whole "thats none of your business" or "i have personal stuff on there" then maybe its time to be the strong person and end it. boys always want what they can't have.


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  • Sound like you need to have a talk with the guy


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