How to tell if they like me?

so i go to a separate school than my friend and for the last yearish I've been hanging out with her friends more and more. every Friday they have a movie night and I've gone to a few. the one last week one of her friends (ill call him guy 1) and i got really close. like we were sitting on my friends bed and i poke him and he pushed me backwards and was knelt over me and started tickling me and did that a few times and i sat with my legs wrapped around him and for the rest of the night we kind of sat joined in some way and he kept playfully teasing me. he started messaging me and he never really used too and when he couldnt turn up to the one this week he messaged me saying he's sorry he couldnt come but to no one else. now this other guy (guy 2) didn't come to that movie night where guy 1 and i did that. so guy 2 i hadn't seen for a while and when i saw him we started talking alot, which is weird cause we havnt really talked before and we were mucking around and stuff. he sat on a couch and wouldn't move so i lied on his legs and for the rest of the night that was our arrangement and we talked a lot like that and stuff.

the only two girls in our group our now saying its now a 'love triange' and saying they think both the guys like me.

so help?


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  • Yeah I'd say they do.