I thought my crush liked me? PLEASE HELP! :)?

In the beginning we constantly gave each other these intense stares and looked away if one or the other saw each other staring. Blushes here and there and if one of us spoke the other stared and smirked.

Now he barely even look my way, and he called me out in class the other day saying the answer was easy when i couldn't get it but he got it wrong. He was embarrassed and tried to make eye contact but i refused.

Why did he do that? Was this just flirting or was he not interested at all? Does he like me


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  • In my opinion it could be one of the following :

    1. He wanted to show he is smart to you (which is why he said it was easy). But he failed it himself so he was embarrassed and looked at you for reassurance.

    2. He tried to show you down just to see how you would react.

    Be normal with him, talk to him, but don't stare too much at him. Thing with many guys, the moment they know a girl likes them, they value her less because they know she is within reach. If you want him the idea is to look attractive and quiet independent. But don't do it in a manner of ignoring him, he might think you've lost interest then.

    • So he either wanted to see my reaction from trying to embarrass me or show that he's smart? Okay. this is the best advice someone's ever give me, honestly. Thank you! I will definitely try this differently now!

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  • I think he has a bit of a crush on you and was just trying to get your attention

    • Do you honestly think so?