What should I do, should I give up on him?

Ok so I met this amazing guy at my school. I have completely fallen head over heels with him. So a week ago we were at a party on the college's residence, I live off of campus but was staying in my friend's dorm. Anyways he was there and we kept smiling and waving to each other from across the room and finally he called me over. We had only talked a couple times prior to this. So when I came up to him, he asked if I wanted to take a walk and I agreed so he held out his hand and said I could hold his hand if I liked. So we walked around holding hands with his friends and he would run ahead to hold the door for me. Anyways after our walk we got back to the party and he asked if I wanted to stay with him in his room so I said yes. So he told me he just wanted a round of beer pong then we could go to bed. So I decided to do my own thing and after a little while he came up and we went back to his room. We laid in his bed kissing and cuddling for a bit then he asked if I wanted him to go down on me I said yes and we began to hook up. Then he said he was only looking for a friends with benefits thing not a dating thing. So I said we would just cuddle then and out of no where he begins to cry and tell me how he misses this girl who has a bf and that he wants to be by himself so he gives me his number because he still wants me and we've talked non-stop and we're seeing where things go but when ever I ask him to hang out he just says he'll see. I just want to hang out as friends and see if something will develop, how do I get that to happen?


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  • Right now you're obviously getting the short end of the stick because he can text you all he wants and unload all of his emotions on you, but he isn't willing to make time to actually hang out with you. I would say stop initiating conversation and when he initiates, ask him to hang out. If he somehow declines, stop giving him so much attention. He'll know exactly what he has to do if he really wants to talk to you.

    • Thank you :) it's just hard because every guy I want to date something happens and another girl always ends up with them. I'm just afraid if I give him some space someone will swoop in and snag him

    • I know the feeling! But if he knows he can have your attention and he still goes for another girl, you'll know he's not a good decision maker and you should move on anyway. :-P

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