Does this girl like me or is she playing games with me?

Well about a months ago I met this girl at a press conference, I chatted with her a little bit and got her number.

Few days later I called her& asked if we could meet, she said she couldn't as she didn't have the time (she was being sent out of town by her NEWS agency). But she did say that she'll call me up as soon as she's back. We were texting pretty well when she was out.

Well she comes back for a week& I reminded her the day before she came and she said that she'll call me when she gets time (as she has reports to submit& lots of other friends to meet) and I call her 2dys before she is to leave, this time she said that she simply doesn't have the time. She does apologise.

I tell her that what about when she comes back again from her assignment. And she agrees to that and says she'll try her best.

I won't text/ call her again, I've already asked her too many times... do you think its right to leave it all upto her this time? I probably know that she won't see me :-D


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  • She sounds like a massive cunt hole.

    Ditch this bitch and find someone else.


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  • Seems like she's blowing you off and trying to be nice about it. If she wanted to see you she would make time. Leave it up to see, see what happens or doesn't and then you'll have your answer. No matter how busy I was, if a guy I wanted to see and was into asked me out I would rearrange things so I had time to see him.
    No one is ever really THAT busy, I mean everyone has to eat still, so she could meet you for lunch or coffee if she wanted to see you and not have it be a pressured date thing.

    • You're right I mean she was here for about 9-10 days and she doesn't live that far away from me, she she really wanted to meet she could have. But I'm just a little upset because she always says that she'll see me next time and than she calls/ texts me time to time. Perhaps I must stop responding.

    • I'm sorry but I think so. I think she's afraid of confrontations so she keeps saying she'll get in touch but doesn't. I use the same lines with an older cousin who lives in town but I don't like.

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