What are some reasons a guy would be very hot and then cold, and what is the best way to deal with it?

My boyfriend and I have been dating about 4 months, and in this period of time he has went from basically telling me we need to be exclusive and how much he adores me, to maybe I should just break up with him, and I will be better off in the end, to telling me he loves me and almost crying when I suggest breaking things off. Im sort of getting tired of the roller coaster ride, but I really really do like him, and honestly I've never met a man like him, which is the only reason I'm still around. Initially I told him we should take things as they come and just try dating casually and he was adamant about no, he wanted me to be his girlfriend. At this point in my life I really don't typically allow things to progress this quickly. He is, most of the time, really very sweet to me, and treats me very lovingly, and seems to really value my opinion, and cares a lot about how I feel, and what I have to say. He has been single for the last two years largely (i think there have been people he's sort of hooked up with, but nothing serious)


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  • his interest in you has faded