My ex got angry said 'wtf It's all about you'?

I broke up with my ex of a year and half 3 months ago, then I regretted it. So since then we were kind of 'working things out'(he was in love with me but because of my inability to express my feelings, he felt I'm looking for companionship), then broke up for another couple weeks.

then one day we met, he said he loves me so we decided to really work things out (take it slow and really know each other).

A week after he came to my place and spent the night together (no sex). And I haven't heard from him for two days and I got a fever and cold, so i called him and texted him that I'm sick (expecting his caring reaction), but his just said 'are you ok', and I asked him to call me, but he said he was sleepy. so I texted said 'i guess you just don't care', then he replied 'WTF? Cause I'm exhuasted? I guess I forgot its all about you. I'll call you tomorrow'.

And it's been four days already, I haven't heard from him.

I don't know why was he suddenly angry at me and what should I do. I need some insight please.


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  • He's not mad at you because he thinks "It's all about you." He's mad at you because you didn't want to have sex with him that day he slept over.

    Like a lot of relationships today, a lot of people put sex as the top priority, which is a BIG wrong. When you rejected the desire to have sex with him, because you're still working things out, being patient, and taking it slow, he felt like you were rejecting him altogether. And that feel of rejection pushed him away from you because he thought you had totally lost interest in him, just because you didn't wanna do it with him.

    Then when you texted him and told him you were sick, and asked him to call you, he snapped at you because he felt that you were thinking that him giving you attention was more priority than you giving him attention. Now, I will level with you. "I guess you just don't care" was definitely not a good phrase to use when you're trying to make amends with an ex, so you were wrong on that part. And if he stopped texting and calling you because of that one night, probably shoot him a text, saying sorry about getting upset that one night, and see where that goes. But in all honestly, if he's really serious about making up with you, he wouldn't let a night of rejected sex and one not-so-nice text drive him away from you.

    • wow, how do you know he wanted sex the night he slept over? I didn't mention that... So what you are saying is that I should initiate contact with him if he doesn't?

    • To be honest, I thought I read that he did want to have sex but you told him no. I think it was also indirectly insinuated that sexual intent was abound that night when you justified that there was no sex.

      Anyways, yeah, send him a text and just chat a bit maybe. It's clear you'd like to be with him, and are willing to pursue him. But if he has no drive for you like you do for him, just because he's impatient and wants to jump to the sex, then he might not be the Right one.

    • well ya, I'm pretty sure that he has a drive to be with me too and one of the reasons we broke up was because he loves me too much.
      I was just confused about the sudden change in his attitude and never thought ' I guess you don't care' wasn't a good phrase to use... for first couple days I was even pissed.

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  • Rule #1: Never deal with ex's or try to work things out. It only causes more pain and confusion.


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  • 1) he was sleepy, so he was kinda crabby most likely.
    2) please don't hate me, but when you said "I guess you just don't care" sounded snobby. So I understand why he was mad.
    I think you should just apologize and blame it on lady problems. I know that it's not really your fault, but be the bigger person

    • Can I know why does it sound snobby? I'm quite confused tho. Thanks:)

    • Okay like saying

      . "Wow, so I guess you don't even care about me."
      Say it with sass in your head

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