Girls: If you met a guy who you spoke to in total for about 5 minutes and he was friendly, and he asked you out for a coffee, would you say yes?

Or would you want to know them a bit more first?

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  • No, I'd want to know them a bit better first
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  • If I didn't get the "RUN!" vibe, I'd agree to it.

    • What would give you the run vibr

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    • If they were shy and shaky or weird as a result of nerves you'd still say no though surely

    • Not necessarily.

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  • yea sure. it's a great way to get to know someone better. and it's just coffee so there's no pressure really. :)

  • If I like him, definitely!
    -I like random stuff, and getting coffee with a mysterious stranger sounds like fun.

    But if he is creepy in anyway, I d run. You can be friendly all you like, but being creepy is a no.

    Ways of being creepy:
    -on drugs/alcohol/smelly/anything illegal
    -being too cool about yourself
    -too forward
    -too much like he wants to have a relationship
    -anything else that gives a bad vibe.

    • Can you explain too forward and too much like wanting a relationship?

    • too forward: "I like your eyes", , talking about relationships, already assuming you like him, touching the girl after you just met her. I can not tell you any other stuff, it depends on the girl and the guy. The whole forward thing is also a feeling that I cannot totally pinpoint. If you see it, you know it. This is also the same for guys who just beam and shine. I cannot exactly tell you what it is, but talking about relationships, to much about the future, asking about what you want in a guy, telling her that you would treat her this and that. All those things are warning signs if you just met.

  • this happened to me at a party, kind of.
    We talked for about 5 minutes and exchanged numbers.
    texted maybe a dozen times and then he asked me out to dinner and i accepted

  • depending on how good the conversation was and if you don't seem like you'll murder me, i would exchange numbers and get to know you, THEN go out for coffee

  • chances are, i wouldn't be able to drop my plans to get coffee with him. but i'd like it if he gave me his number.

  • Of course. Coffees are to get to know someone better so why not accept it? But I'd have to be somewhat interested in him.

  • If I like you then yes I will go out with you. coffee date is safe lol.

  • Probably not.


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