Ok , she got me really confused?

we were dating for 1 month, then she left on vacation, she was really into me. in the beginnign sending me picstures, texts, later she grew quiet. now i found out she has a bf there, but she doesn't really seem to love him. she told me before telling me she has a bf there,( yeah they have a relationship within 2 weeks)... that her mother was telling her to get a bf, ( she is a single mom ), she knew this guy, allready way longer. when she talked about him, she said she wasn't sure, being alone is better for me she said. yet she asks my new adress, which she first declined, when i tried to give it to her. then she tells me she's alone , and looks a bit shocked when i tell her im not home this weekend, not in town. she deblocked me from fb, and today we had a small conversation. i texted her, what are you doing, this evening, she told me that i can't come to her place. she didn't say no. so later i texted her, you can come to me, she said, she was tired and had to work tomorrow. i told her , we have monday, tuesday, wednesday.. she responded by saying hmmmmm ( what does this mean , hmmmm) its not a no, i always thouhgt it ment, something like yummy, but opinions differ there. so her actions tell me she wants to see me, but i dont know how to aproach it the right way to get her over. she knows im in town monday, and i can wait till she is ready from work, drop by a bit later , and ask her at the door if she likes to come over, that i pick her up later, or just call/text her... hey im in town, wanna come to my place... i feel more like the personal aproach, because its more convincing... any tips, she acts like she wants me over, or see me, but its like i have to convince her, take the lead... what aproach should i take, i still feel she has feelings for me, and thats very confusing to her.

update, need help, by the way i was dating this girl for 1 month, we were intimate, spended evenings together, slept at her place once, she was really into me... so what does she want ffrom, its like she wants me to convince her, to invite her over.


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  • She's one very *ucked up girl, honestly saying. She's not a grown up, right? 14? 15? That's not even dating, and it's not your fault.
    If you want to get attention from her:
    Ignore her. Don't write her, don't ever initiate conversations. Due to girls' selfish nature, she will try to do it herself. Let her approach you herself. Answer her with basic phrases. Trust me, she will get interested. Then get more and more friendly.
    My advice:
    Run away from her and never think of her again. She's just childish and selfish.

    • . cked up in what way? no she is 24. we were dating, we did do stuff together, kissed each other and being intimate, talking about the future. to me thats dating, even sending me pictures when there is 10 hours between us, when she was on vacation. ignoring her, i only have 2 weeks time, her daughter isn't at home right now, and this so called relationship will come bye in November. i dont have much time.. she is a very confused girl, and yes maybe not starting conversation works, but at the same time, because she is so confused , i need to convince her a bit. i feel like not doing anything, im blowing my chances. she asked me about my adress, deblocked me from facebook, told me she was all alone, its like she dropping me hints, and i actually have to be the men pulling her from her appartment to mines and have a good time. thats why i want to drop by tomorrow, at her place, telling her something funny, if she hasn't subcome to loniness, telling her come over to me, ill wait outside

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    • Just try to do what you planned. Otherwise you'll regret not trying. Just don't be desperate. Talk to her. She's the one who can give you the answer. Not me. I can't say more that this.

    • Good luck!

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