What do I do about the guy who is too busy?

This guy that I hooked up with (who said he liked me, but now he is too busy - too busy even for sex) doesn't reach out to me anymore. He normally responds when I text him and sometimes responds when I snapchat him - but he doesn't try to make plans anymore. Do I give up? Do I give him space? Is there a way I can get him to come to me?


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  • It was just a hook up for him. Nothing more.

    • I'll explain a bit more: we hooked up in March and decided a hookup relationship was good. Over the summer we were in different towns and texted the whole four months. In July he told me he liked me, wanted to date me, thought I was cool and attractive and he wished I had spent the night our first time together. In August he backed off a bit because I kept saying I don't normally date (he told me later he isn't good at getting hurt). I believe him when he says he is too busy because he is in engineering and has a course overload this semester. It's not like he flat out ignores me all the time... But he used to be way more attentive. He's too busy to even hookup because of all his work - guys are really goal oriented, I know, and can't pay attention to anything but that.

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    • Why do you think he might be hooking up with someone else?

    • Since you feel he's really too busy, just wait and see.

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  • Leave him? Lol
    You just gotta deal with it, in today's economy everyone's really really busy. So it's normal.

    • I figure. It's not like he up and ignores me all the time. I'm just gonna calm down a bit with the getting in touch with him :p

    • Yea do that !!! :)
      Good luck.

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  • Leave him alone. Hard to do I know but it is the best way. And if possible, find someone else to talk to. He'll re-consider what he might have given up with you once he see's someone else has you!