She told me she was seeing someone but then gave the impression she want happy with him. What do you think?

So I text this girl to see if she wanted to hang out for a few on the weekend and she told me she was seeing some one right now but would love to hang out. We went out and had dinner late on Sunday night about a week after that conversation. While we were talking we got on the subject of boyfriends/girlfriends. She told me she wouldn't consider that guy her boyfriend and that he wasn't that great, and she gave the impression she wasn't too thrilled with him. What do you think about this?

Oh, we went to HS together 6 years ago, we were friends but not good friends.


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  • I think that she should quit wasting her time and quit lying to herself about this guy. If she's not too thrilled about him then why is she still seeing him?

    • Exactly my thoughts. Why would she be telling me this? Also she seems to want to hang out more and she has said I'm easy to talk to. Like I said, we not close friends.

    • It's obvious that you are better than this other guy since she wants to spend so much time with you. I wouldn't feed into it though, it just seems like a rebound situation. The girl is confused.

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