Is it awkward to go back out with your ex?

So i dated this girl about 5 months ago and she was devastated when i broke up with her (it was kind of mutual). She hasn't stopped liking me and people keep bringing it up, which gets annoying. Lately i've had second thoughts/feelings about her and i had told friends/family that she was kind of bitchy when we dated so they know what she's like. I told her there might be a chance and she won't stop flirting with me. She's told her friends and they bug me about this also but i don't want to confess. What should i do?


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  • if your thinking about giving her a chance again then why not confess it and be with her?

    • some friends tell me to and some say don't and also i want to look for options because i know there are others that are interested in me; not trying to sound cocky

  • Don't date someone you bad mouth.

  • they are your ex for a reason... dont do it. my ex and i broke up mutually at first and since we were still on speaking terms we wanted to give it another go, and this happened again and again and again.. so on and off for so long and it was really unhealthy, and now we've finally ended it and are noton talking terms at all. dont try it again because you'll MAKE it a messy break up. just leave it

    • I absouluty agree with this. But the person could of changed or what not. ie More emotionally open, more respectful. Whatever the issue that caused the break up. That person or both could of while being broken up realized what they needed to improve on in themselves. So it could happen if the chemistry's there as well.

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