Should I base my appearance as ugly or attractive based on how many replies I get from any online site?

Say if I don't get any messages or no profile views after i view their profiles, should i really call myself ugly because of this?
Couldn't people just be fake or not looking for more friends or something?
So, should i really think I am ugly based on how i do on an online site?


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  • Hell no lol. I know some friends who are really pretty, like model pretty and sometimes they won't get hit up. But in person they do a lot. So I really don't know what it is, but there you go lol.


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  • Okay here is the thing.

    You could do that... But then what do you get? probably a negative selfimage and that will affect to how you act.

    I don't see your profile picture, but online know sees your awesome personality. You do have an awesome personality right? If not? Please go stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you are awesome. So you ll be confident. Also it doesn't hurt to behave awesome, which generally means being a nice guy.


    Being confident is key. No really, key!

    We live in a 3d world and nothing on internet can say how attractive you are. Attraction doesn't only depends on looks. For girls, mostly they will like your personality. Maybe guys judge girls based on looks and sure us girls look at those handsome guys. But we know that we look for a nice guy and that guy that is not afraid to make us smile is the one we go for.

  • Definitely not. If it's on a site like this, there are a lot of people who won't reply. Most people are trolls or want to remain anonymous because they aren't proud of their actions or are nervous something is going to happen. If it's a dating site, I still don't think you should get down on your luck. Try meeting people in person, there are way too many problems trying to meet people online.


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  • a lot of people will give you a flat out no, but I think you can at least partially gauge how attractive you are based on how many girls hit you up... not just online though, but in general. I mean, if girls are constantly all over you without you having to do much, it probably means you're attractive. Now just because girls online dont message you, it doesn't make you ugly. But it may mean you aren't at a threshold of attractiveness that is high enough to satisfy the most picky of women, which tends to be the ones online

    • Your right, so basically if it was even just a making foreign friends language website, and people still dont reply, it could be that are most likely fake and are only there for messages and that you would have to look like brad pitt to get a reply most times.

    • ill just say that women online are super picky usually. You're better off just trying your luck offline

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