Overthinking a situation with a guy I just met. Help!

So this guy i just met and have hung out with a few times is away this weekend. We have a very strong connection and text a lot. So naturally i was wondering how it would be this weekend. Side note, i met him on tinder and this clearly is not a hook up situation. But i did notice that he was on tinder a few hours ago... which makes me overthink.. but we only have hung out two times. Anyways, we talked once very briefly today which i expected cause he's spending time with friends all day. Even though i feel good about our situation.. i overthink a bit and worry. About the tinder thing.. and not talking much this weekend. What is your advice? Thanks!


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  • Give him the benefit of the doubt.


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  • Honestly, you guys aren't a couple at this point, so he's technically free to continue "shopping around".
    This doesn't mean he doesn't like you though, just that he's not sure he wants to close the doors completely yet.
    How did the entire weekend go, and how is it now that he's back?