Why hasn't he kissed me yet?

I have known this guy for about 3 weeks now. I've gone to his apartment 3 different times now - we've talked, had dinner and watched a movie. We text literally 24/7. He is usually the first to text me. I think he is interested in me, but he still hasn't tried to kiss me or anyhing! I really want him to, but this is my first relationship with a guy (i'm a 19 yr old virgin who has never dated), so I am WAY too shy to ask him about it or even kiss him first (fear of rejection). He is a few years older than me, super nice guy, maybe a little quiet and shy. This is the first guy to ever show interest in me EVER, so its very confusing to me.

I wouldn't say he is a shy person, just soft spoken. We've literally got everything in common,& have shared a lot of stuff. He has an insulin pump which Im totally cool w/ -but I wonder if mayb thats part of it? he's scared of rejection b/c of it
He asked to hang out the 1st nite we met. I was nervous as no guy has shown interest in me. I thought mayb he just wants 2 be friends but my family & friends said no way he wants a relationship. they think its crazy he hasn't tried to make a move


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  • Just because he's a couple years older, doesn't necessarily he's all experienced either. Give the guy time.


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