How should I handle this situation?

I introduced two of my friends back in jan. They hit it off and started talking everyday. This only lasted two months and they didn't hang out much because he was busy. He came to me and ended it with my friend because they wanted different things. My friend was hurt. I felt bad because my girl friend has been my friend for 14 years and had just recovered from depression. Months later and now me and my guy friend really like each other. When I told my friend she said she's not okay with it. I am just so compatible with this guy. What should I do?


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  • It seems like you have to choose between the two..

    If I were you gal friend, I wouldn't like it too that you are dating someone that rejects me in the first place. But, I would still wish you my happiness to find someone that can makes you feel happy. Of course after that, I would drift away frm our friendship. It just has to be one from the two for time being.

    • Would you forgive the friend for picking a guy over you? What would you do if you were me? Do you pick the 14 year long friend or the guy I have amazing chemistry with?

    • In the long term, I would b definitely happy for you to find someone right. Maybe it will take years and how I see how he makes you happy.

      If I were you, I would make sure first if this new guy is someone who you can see with for a long term before severing ties with your gal friend. Get to know him more first.. Chemistry may subside, but compatibility is wht counts.

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