He could have opted out right?

Had a first date with a guy tonight. He arrived on time and we walked to an small Italian restaurante he heard of. We talked on the way there and at when we arrived he opened the door for me. He chatted while eating and had no awkward silence. When the bill came before I even made a move to pay, he already had it covered which was really sweet. When we left he suggested walking some nature trails nearby and it was gorgeous out. We had some periods of silence but it wasn't awkward. Anyways after the walk he walked me home and it was the awkward I don't know what to do. So we hugged and then he leaned down and kissed me (yes I kissed back), but he could have opted out of the kiss right? I just want to be positively sure he's interested and it was sweet in my opinion.
Oh and good or bad idea ( read below)
-I'm going to wait for him to text or call me
-any good second date ideas
-> is a movie still a bad idea for a second date b/c you dont talk
-any good advice is welcome
-any comments concerns please list as well
thanks everyone


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  • He's definitely interested, absolutely.
    He's taking you out, kissing you... he's making it very obvious that he likes you.

    Honestly, I've never concerned myself with who texts who first. If I felt like saying hi, or had something specific to say, I just text them. It's not a big deal, and you shouldn't have to wait to talk to someone you want to talk to, make him feel wanted to and text first sometimes.

    In my opinion, a movie date is only a bad idea if that's all you guys do - see the movie and go home. Seeing a movie AND getting coffee and dessert, or grabbing dinner first and then seeing the movie... I think those things are fine. I love movies and I love to talk about movies. I liked dates where we went to see a movie, and then went for coffee or drinks afterwards and talked (talked about the movie too).

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • I think if he wasn't interested he wouldn't had even tried to kissed and also he wouldn't had wanted to pay for your dinner. I think he would had split the bill. From what you described it seems like the date went well and it seems like to me he is interested.

    On the texting thing I think it depends on how you and him text. If you text back forth then it would be the last one who recieved the text to text back. Also it depends on who intiates the texting more you or him? But you don't always have to follow rules and guidelines on texting and talking. If you want him to text or call you back first then wait it out. I think for a second a date maybe bowling, beach, museum, eating out again, minature golf, zoo, etc their is so many things you can do. You just have to explore your options. I think the movie would be a good idea but it should be after you guys go out to eat and talk and it shouldn't be movie first then other things after. But that is just my opionion.


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