Feeling unsure about my boyfriend?

Hey guys
I ve been with this guy for over 4 years now, but i m still very unsure about him. I cannot think of marrying him n spending another 10-20 years with him. I mean the guy is alright.. but i m just soo scared to get into a final commitment. He has always been there in my worst times. He is caring and loving.. but sometimes i feel he is smothering me with all the love. He doesn't do it intentionally but i feel suffocated. And even after every breakup i m forced to go back to him because he gets really sick and gets hospitalized right after the breakup. So m forced to go back to the relationship. There are a whole list of things i can't stand about him.. like for the fact that its sooo difficult for him to open up his heart and tell me if somethings been bothering him. He keeps it all hidden inside and is not a very good sharer... which pisses me off.. Our conversations dont seem to go anywhere and it has gotten pretty boring. He tries to change his character but he seems to go back to his original self after a week or so of being a good responsive boyfriend. What do i doo? I m confused.


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  • Everyone deserves to be happy in there life , it strikes me you have tried very hard to talk to this guy and communication is key in every relationship. I think you have a very tough decision to make but reading your post I think you have just about made it and you are just looking for a bit of moral support. I think you are right to move on , the key is not to go back to him when he try's to get you back being strong and striking out on your own.
    You don't mention sex so I assume that it's ok or is this also part of the issue?

    • Hey broadsword! Thanks a bunch for the reply. I wasn't really expecting anyone to read this.

      The thing is i want to move away from him but looking back on all the good times we had, i want to go back. The reason i want to move away is because of the fights we have. I loose my patience easily with him and i feel like i wear the pants in the relationship.. and i m sick and tired of it. At least for once, i want a responsible mature adult in my life to pamper me! Is it too much to ask?
      You put it very wisely when you said i was looking for a bit of moral support. :/ The negatives about him are stronger than the positives.

      Another thing binding me to him is the fact that we did have sex. I dont know how to move on so quickly.

      I ve practically depended on him my entire life! A sudden change would be really hard...

      I really appreciate you taking time to answer. Huggs

    • I do understand very much, usually I would advise to try to talk it through and trying to save it but I can sense you have tried so hard already. I see I have already received a negative vote on my comment. I am very happy for you to message be privately if you would like to discuss it further.

  • Take a break from the relationship?

    • Hey calex... I ve tried that a dozen times. Trust me.. i m fed up.
      This relationship is like a boomerang.. no matter how much u want to change the direction.. it ll still come bak.. N it annoys me like hell.

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