Ladies what do u look for in a guy?

Ik everyone of u will have a different need but just put them all out there


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  • I look for:
    1. Attractive (he doesn't have to be a 10, but at least a 6 because attraction is somewhat important unfortunately)
    2. Considerate and empathetic.
    3. Small things, like open doors for me.
    4. Can make me smile.
    5. Intelligent (doesn't need the best grades, just the ability to maintain an open mind and stand his ground during a discussion).
    6. Makes me feel safe (I'm rather trusting, so it's not hard).

    • at least u admit looks are important ur honest

    • Yeah, I'd be lying to say they aren't. If I'm not attracted to him at all, how could I be in a relationship with him? However, the more kind a guy is the more attractive I find him, and the more of a jerk he is, the more unattractive I find him. So it's a flexible scale.

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  • put VERY shortly, my perfect man is a balanced man [im a libra, makes sense]
    a man who isn't too much of this or too little of that. apply it to almost any factor in a relationship and you'll understand=]

  • - Personality
    -Funny sense o Humor, not a try hard.
    - Can be weird but in a cute way.
    - Good cuddler! Oh my gosh, yes.
    - Not a jerk.
    - Classy
    - Pretty eyes, cute smile, blonde/brown hair

  • 1. Smart
    2. Respectful
    3. Humble
    4. Ambitious
    5. Humanistic / Humanitarian
    6. Gracious
    7. Confident
    8. Intelligent
    9. Open Minded
    10. Loving and Pure
    11. Nice eyes
    12. Fit body

  • - Nice personality
    - Able to make me laugh or smile (not too hard to do)
    - Accepting of somethings
    - Interesting
    - Can keep a conversation going
    - Be weird along with me haha

  • to share same interests, be nice, funny and care about me. he doesn't have to be very attractive, just to be cute. personality can change someone attractivness.


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