Leo male and Taurus girl?

I am a Taurus and I've grown a liking towards this guy who is a leo. We've both just come out of serious relationships and clearly neither one of us is rushing to start dating again. People can see he likes me as he always tries to get my attention and tends to blush around me as well. But on the other hand he tries to make me jealous and once I got upset about something he said he loves that Im insecure and I walked away he grabbed me and hugged me and left. He is playing hard to get, yet act like he isn't. I'm confused I am battling to read him are leos like this? How do I know if he is serious about me or not?


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  • You know being a Leo or Taurus is completely bullshit? I am supposed to be capricorn, but when I looked at my birthdate and looked at the stars (they have a computer simulation at my university that lets you see the star positions that were above you when you were born) and I can tell you when I was born, I was not a Capricorn. So you see, complete bullshit. You are not Taurus and his personality doesn't depend on being a 'Leo'. And those whole forecast things per month/week/year are just written by someone who is having a lot of fun making money by making things up.

    He is just a man and you are woman. You like him and maybe he likes you back. It kinda seems that way, so let this flow. You will be ok. He is serious when he askes you to be in a relationship. So then you will know.


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  • By caring about him as a person rather than trying to assess his personality based on random attributions to a given birth date? Astrology is a sham, you know.

  • These signs you keep embracing are just generalizations of any given personality.

    Its like me saying, She's a very smart intellect but does carry caution around younger men. And then saying another thing thats completely opposite of the spectrum that will land familiar to you.
    =/ what the hell.


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  • First off, zodiac signs are full of BS.
    Second, if you want to know what's up anf what he's thinking, just ask him.

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